About Us

Who is Hypercane Studios?

Our studios are located in Vancouver, WA. Well, ok, technically, yes, we live in our studios. We'll come clean... we're just 2 brothers who love making video games!

Our goal is to make games that we love on PC and next-gen consoles.
When Jake isn't playing dress-up with
his daughter, he likes to play with
the latest 3D tools.
Zach likes to take long walks with
his dogs, he also loves coding.

A Look Inside Our Studio(s)

Studio A

This is where we do all of our 3D modeling, texturing and graphics. It's also where the pokemon training goes down.
Jake hard at work while an exhausted Barkley continues to improve morale even while sleeping.

Studio B

This is where the coding and maths are done. There are also some occasional impromptu Street Fighter 2 matches.
Artsy observing proudly as Zach
successfully calculates a cross product.
Zach's work area. In the background, Mega Man wonders
why his update loop isn't being called.

Studio C

AKA Chuck E. Cheese's, this is where the birthdays happen.
Jake training his daughter in the ways of the force.