Monday, January 20, 2014

Rage Runner 1.4.0

We’re happy to be publishing Rage Runner version 1.4.0 today on the OUYA.  It has been close to a year since we have worked on Rage Runner.  It’s never easy returning to an old project and figuring out how things work again.  Usually in these cases, fixing some minor bugs isn’t that bad, but adding new functionality can be very challenging.

Well, we decided to do both.  Here is a list of changes:

Powerup Mechanics

There were some game design choices in Rage Runner that we didn’t like. The way that powerups worked were quite limiting. In our levels, the player never had the option of developing a specific play-style, they either picked up and used the missile powerup or they perished.

We decided to change this mechanic so that powerups are generic across all levels.  You pick up a single powerup and it gives you a powerup module.  You then use a powerup module to activate any one of your powerups.  This allows players to be offensive, defensive, or something in-between.  Also, mixing up different combinations allows you to unlock some previously un-explorable areas of levels.

Super Thrusters

We introduced a 4th powerup, Super Thrusters.  Activating this gives you a forced 3-second afterburner that is 2x faster than the maximum thrust of the ship.  This unlocks a huge potential for faster level times along with a very high risk/reward.  It is pretty epicly fun!!

Diegetic UI

Our original UI was somewhere between uninspired and terrible.  We represented the amount of fuel and which powerups you had with a slightly confusing honeycomb grid that blinked red for brakes and green for missiles...

We took some inspiration from Dead Space and their awesome diegetic UI (an interface that is included in the game world and that can be seen by the actors in the game) and now we display fuel and powerups directly on the ship.

The ship with no afterburner fuel and no powerups
The ship with 3/4 afterburner fuel and 4 powerups (green squares).

Upgraded PC Visuals

We never took the time to make the PC version of Rage Runner stand out from the OUYA version.  This is no longer the case.  With updated textures, normal maps, realtime-lighting, shadows, and a handful of post-processing fx, Rage Runner on the PC is now the beautiful experience we originally envisioned.

The trenches are now closer to sewer trenches as we originally envisioned as well, with water and reflections.  You have to experience it first hand and see these visuals in motion!

The game as it looks on OUYA.  We did our best for the Tegra 3 and we're proud!
The game on PC.  This is how we envisioned the game from the start. Dark, fast, sexy, epic.

We are pending review on Desura!


Finally, we wanted to leave our mark on the minds of our fans.

To win Rage Runner, you must embrace your failures, learn from them and try again.  In many ways, Rage Runner is a subtle metaphor for a successful life.  We didn’t set out to make a discouraging game, but a game that teaches that every failure is a stepping stone to success.  As such, we have added quotes of inspiration that will uplift and bolster the player ego after each death.
A balanced schedule of Rage Runner can boost the self-efficacy of your child!


We love Rage Runner!  We're excited that we could pick it up, dust it off and breath new life into it.  We are interested in your feedback, so get in touch :)