Monday, November 25, 2013

Arc Dev Diary 11/25/2013 - Lighting and Menu Finalization

My day was spent cleaning up various menu state bugs and testing armory navigation on the OUYA.

Jake has been replacing various materials in the OUYA scene with baked lighting.  This reduces the work that the GPU has to do because instead of the material producing an effect in realtime, it is now just baked into the texture.

We’ve had a real challenge getting the OUYA scene contrast ratio correct.  Scenes look bright and vivid on the PC and then on the TV they are so dark that you can’t see anything!

Unfortunately, doing something like gamma correction is a performance killer since you are performing a post-effect on a 1080p frame.  I’ve had strict performance requirements for this game from the beginning.  Basically, if we can’t achieve a stable 60 FPS in a simple scene, we start turning things off.  This can make graphic work pretty difficult and I’m sure Jake could fill a book on this topic :)

So, trial and error until we get it right :)  Today this process looked like this:
1. 1.5 hours to bake lights
2. 20 mins to build and upload new APK for testing
3. Repeat 1