Friday, November 22, 2013

Arc Dev Diary 11/22/2013 - Item Upgrades & Stats - See: Smote, Ruin, Mountainside


Today I really didn’t get much done, real life got in the way and I was stuck doing paperwork in the office most of the day. I did set my PC to a high end light bake for Arc but nothing is ready to show yet for what little I got done today.
After surfing through a sea of various conditionals for guns and items, I’ve finally reached the top of the mountain.  The shield was the last item on the list and with it complete, the data side of the armory has been fully implemented!

From the armory, you can now choose to upgrade items!

Always the enthusiast, my dog cheered me on as I committed the last few source files to the repo.  During the long repo push, we released a dozen doves to commemorate the event and then broke down into quiet sobbing as we realized the magnitude of what had just been accomplished.

Brent (Sound design/foley dude!)
Today I recorded and processed 2 often heard game sounds.  Pictured is some of the outboard gear I used (lots of Distressors!).  I used hollow metal rack space as a sounding board and created several different footstep ideas with various objects acting as "feet".  I also processed an old Moog synthesizer various ways to achieve our teleport sound.