Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Arc Dev Diary 11/19/2013

I started out today looking at the weapons testing room again, and I still wasn’t happy with the layout of it.  After a quick morning meeting with Zach, we made the decision to redo the item equipment system.  

The biggest issue was that it looked too cluttered with boxes and guns all over the place. Also, what would happen as we added more items to the store?  The realization came to both of us that this room wasn’t gonna work.  So another redesign, promise it’s the last one :)

In this image you can see we moved the platforms up and placed an elevator on the right.  We felt this would give players more room to test utilities and weapons. I will be adding lighting fixtures in the coming day to this, then I will hammer on the lighting in this room.

We decided to use consoles for players to browse and equip items.  Leaving us an easy way to add new items without cluttering the room.  I modeled a simple little console that I think should work.  

The texture isnt finished on the consoles but the plan is for them to match each player color.  Zach is also working on a cool animation for the console monitors.

Last thing I did today was mess around with overscan, here is a pic of the overscan HUD that Zach stuck in for me.  I can toggle it on and off while putting a scene together and it makes life a lot easier :)

Today was kind of a set back, I thought I’d be moving on to my next project.  It’s a good setback though,  it will make things more functional and expandable in the end.  We want this room to be very user friendly.  

Some people may wonder why this room is so important to us.  Well, this is where everyone can test items before they spend their hard earned Arc bucks on them.  Even without purchasing Arc, people can play around in here as much as they want and really get a feel for how the character and items function.

Today I finished the menu system.  It is simple to use and quite flexible under the hood.

I also started work on the terminal menus for our ready room makeover.  Luckily being able to re-use the menu system I just made.

If you look close-up you can see that these are just 2D HUDs on a textured quad.

I will wrap this up tonight or tomorrow and then move on to completing the armory.