Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Win a MOGA Controller with Rage Runner!

Contest Date
6/18/2013 - 6/28/2013

We are throwing our first official contest for Rage Runner.  Up for grabs are a MOGA Pro Controller and a MOGA Pocket controller (http://www.mogaanywhere.com/about-moga/).

We are dropping Rage Runner to 99 cents for this contest!  Anyone that purchases Rage Runner on OUYA will also receive a FREE copy of the PC/Mac version.
To redeem your free copy of Rage Runner on PC/Mac email us (hypercanestudios@gmail.com) after making your OUYA purchase. We will confirm your purchase and send you a coupon code for the PC/Mac version.

We find the level editor to be much easier to use with a mouse and keyboard.  Also, you can easily upload levels built on PC/Mac to the OUYA or any Android device.

The contest will have 2 categories, High Score and Level Building.  Entries must be submitted by June 28th MIDNIGHT Pacific Time.  Winners will be announced Monday July 1st.

High Score Contest

Compete on Level 2 for a top score.


MOGA Pocket Controller

Entry Details

  1. Record your Entry.  Recording a level replay is fine.  Make sure the full run and score are clearly visible in the video.
  2. Post it on Youtube. Name your video something like:
    Rage Runner MOGA <YOUR SCORE HERE>
    Example: Rage Runner MOGA 16895
  3. Let us know about it.  Email us at hypercanestudios@gmail.com or tweet us @hypercanestudio with a link to your entry.

Level Building Contest

Build the coolest level for Rage Runner.  The Hypercane Team will judge submitted levels based on subjective measurements, like awesomeness.


MOGA Pro Controller

Entry Details

  • Build a Level on OUYA, PC or Mac.  Make sure the level is awesome.
  • Send us the Level.  For OUYA, submit the level to the level server.  For PC/Mac, email us the .hcs file found in the save folder: Documents\RageRunner\Mine\