Thursday, April 12, 2012

CRD Server 1.3.1 Posted

Version 1.3.1 of the CRD Server is available for download.

Server Changes
  • Updated to work with SWTOR 1.2
  • Two new fields have been added to the server, these fields allow you to change which window is controlled by the server.  This allows you to:
    • Use this app for any other game
    • Prevent the server from breaking for future client updates
A note on the new feature.  By default, the new settings are empty and will look for the latest SWTOR client window.  If you ever find that this breaks or you want to use the server to play Rift or WoW, here is what you do.

First you need a tool that will show you window information, there are a number available:
  • AutoIt3 Window Spy
  • Winspector Spy
  • Spy++
Here I am running AutoIt3 Window Spy and I've clicked on the SWTOR game client.  You can see the relevant information highlighted in red.

I paste these values into the app like so:

Using this feature, you can use CRD for any game or app!