Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Version 1.2.0 Released

We are proud to release version 1.2.0.  This is a Client and a Server update.  Please download the new server.

Server Changes
  • Added support for new 1.2.0 client features
  • Added image quality setting, this changes the quality of the image sent to the handset
Client Changes
New Features
  • Added UI scale to options menu which allows for choosing 1 of 10 different UI scales to better fit the variety of screen sizes available
  • Added the "special key" menu with a variety of new options.  This menu can be toggled via the glowing square in the main buttons menu
  • Control key modifier, this modifier affects left and right click operations.  The modifier is automatically toggled off after a click is sent
  • Double left click button, it sends a double left click
  • Scroll Up/Down buttons, these scroll your mousewheel up or down on whatever window the cursor is on (you don't need to left click first before scrolling, just tap and hit scroll!)
  • Screenshot toggle, when enabled, screenshots will be captured for every command sent to the server.  When disabled, screenshots are not captured or sent back to the client after a request acknowledgement from the server
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a zooming bug that resulted in the image becoming inverted and flying off the screen in protest of SOPA